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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming Services in Columbus at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

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Our veterinarian in Columbus knows that the health of your pet is a priority over ensuring that they are sparkling clean and smelling fresh. However, did you know that regularly scheduled pet grooming is actually beneficial for the overall wellness and comfort of your furry friend? For starters, pets simply feel better when they are clean, and they love the pampering and attention our groomers afford them during their appointment. Our grooming team’s keen eyes and attention to detail also allow them to spot any potential health issues that may require some attention from a Columbus vet.

Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming in Columbus

Of course, there will be occasions when bathing particularly active pets at home is a necessity, and daily brushings may already be a part of your normal routine. Yet, when it comes to trimming fur and nails, it’s wise to leave to leave this tasks up to professional pet stylist who has the know-how and proper tools to prevent nicks, cuts, and mishaps. Read on to learn more benefits of our veterinarian team's professional pet grooming services in Columbus.

Grooming Services Support Pet Health

While we bathe and groom your pet, our experienced staff will be looking for any signs of potential health concerns. Some issues our groomers can detect include skin conditions, such as rashes, unusual lumps, skin discoloration, bald patches, lesions and hot spots. They also are able to spot visible dental, eye or ear problems that should be treated by a Columbus vet. We’ll also carefully look for any signs of parasites like fleas and ticks that can lead to serious health threats. If your pet has sensitivities to pet shampoos and flea medications, our grooming team can advise you concerning products appropriate for your cat or dog.

Comfortable and Safe Nail Trimming

Perhaps you’re nervous about cutting your pet’s nails too close to the ‘quick,’ which is just as painful for your critter as it is for humans. Maybe your mischievous cat simply refuses to let your trim that stray hangnail. No worries! Our professional groomers have the tools and techniques to ensure safe, pain-free nail trims. We recommend monthly trimmings for dogs, as regular nail maintenance helps support and reinforce your pup’s posture while reducing the changes of nail infections.

Purrrfect Pet Styling

You’ve likely suffered the odd looks and snickers resulting from getting a less than a stellar haircut, and don’t think that Fluffy or Fido isn’t aware of those looks, too after a home styling mishap. While short-haired pets don’t have these concerns, some dog breeds like poodles have constantly growing hair that deserves the expertise of a professional Columbus dog groomer.

Schedule Pet Grooming Services in Columbus, OH Today

If you want your pets to feel better, look better and enjoy greater overall health, then call  Hamilton Road Animal Hospital at 614-239-0027 today to schedule a pampering grooming session with our veterinarian team in Columbus.


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