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Annual Wellness Exams

If you are considering adopting a pet, you should understand that it is a major responsibility. You will need to give your pet the love and attention they deserve. You also need to make sure that they are well fed and well groomed. Finally, you need to schedule annual wellness exams for your pet at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH. There are several reasons why you should make annual checkups a top priority.

you need to schedule annual wellness exams for your pet at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH.

Physical Exams

Physical exams are essential for your pet's health. To you, your pet may appear healthy, but our trained staff can detect problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. Your veterinarian will give your pet a physical exam during their checkup, looking for signs that there is a problem. During the physical exam, the vet will check your pet's coat and skin, limbs, eye, ears, and gait.

Dental Checks

Your pets oral health is important. If plaque and tartar build up on your pet's teeth, it can cause bad breath, tooth loss, gum disease, and even heart problems. During your pet's annual visit, the veterinarian will check the condition of his teeth. If necessary, they might recommend a teeth cleaning session.


In order for your pet to be healthy, he will need to be vaccinated. When he is a baby, he will need vaccinations every few months. After, he will need annual booster shots. During your pets yearly well visit, your veterinarian will administer all vaccinations that your pet needs.


Heartworm is a parasite spread by mosquitoes. It is a very serious disease that can affect your pet's heart, lungs, blood vessels, and vital organs. It can also be fatal. During your pets wellness check, they will be tested for heartworm. You can also purchase their heartworm preventative medication during the visit.

Weight Checks

Obesity is a serious issue for pets. Today, 59 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs are classified as overweight or obese. Your pet will be weighed during his annual visit. If they are overweight or obese, your veterinarian can recommend a diet and exercise plan to help him get to a healthy weight. Because obesity can cause serious health problems for your pet, annual weight checks are essential.

Diagnostic Tests

During your pet's annual visit, your veterinarian may recommend a urine test, certain blood tests, or a stool sample test. As your pet gets older, running these tests are more common.

Questions and Concerns

It is not uncommon to have questions and concerns regarding your pet's health, diet, and behavior. During your annual visit, you can discuss any questions and concerns that you have about your pet.

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It is essential to schedule annual visits for your pet at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus. We provide all the services that your pet will need right in our veterinary clinic. Scheduling yearly visits with our veterinarian will help your pet live a long and healthy life. Call us today at (614) 239-0027 to schedule an appointment!


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