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Pet Pancreatitis

Here at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, we see many dogs that come in with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, lethargy, an indication of stomach pain, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. Our veterinarian will exam them and often the problem is that the dog is suffering from pancreatitis. Treatment is begun immediately. What is pancreatitis? Let's take a look.



The pancreas is a small organ that releases enzymes into the small intestine to help your pet digest food. It isn't known exactly why but the pancreas can become inflamed. This causes it to release the enzyme too soon and your pet ends up with extreme pain as the enzyme starts "digesting" the pancreas itself. Some things that may be apt to cause this is a fatty diet or even a great amount of fat all at once, and some medications. Your pet will show signs of illness that are similar to the flue. He will lose his appetite, be nauseous, and have diarrhea. It is essential to get medical help if these symptoms last more than 24 hours.

Why Veterinary Treatment is Necessary

When the enzyme from your pet's pancreas releases early, it causes the body to start digesting important organs. The pancreas is the first to experience problems but, left untreated, organs such as the liver can also be destroyed. Your pet will become dehydrated, which creates further problems. The longer you wait to get treatment, the more damage is done. If left untreated, your pet may die.

Once your veterinarian has determined the problem, medications will be administered and your pet may spend a couple of days in the hospital with IVs in place to replenish any lost fluids. His diet will have to be light for some time. In some cases, a particularly hard case that is cured will weaken your pet's digestive system, and he may have recurrent bouts of pancreatitis. He may be put on specially formulated food to help this. 

Hamilton Road Animal Hospital Can Help

If your pet is showing any sign of distress that may be pancreatitis, call for a veterinary appointment immediately. Pancreatitis can be treated if caught early enough and you can take your pet home in a couple of days, well on its road back to health. In the Columbus area, Hamilton Road Animal Hospital is ready to help your pet. Contact us today.




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