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Pet Microchip

Pet Microchip Services by Our Veterinarians
for Dogs and Cats in Columbus, OH


The only thing worse than having your beloved pet run away or get lost is not knowing whether he will ever be reunited with you. Many lost pets find their way to animal shelters, where they face an uncertain future if there's no means of identifying their owners. Relying on a collar tag that can be damaged or torn off isn't sufficient -- you need to give your pet a permanent identifying device. That's why our veterinarians at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital, Dr. Mike Turley, Dr. Carol Naculich, and Dr. Laurie Kennedy urge all owners of Columbus, OH dogs and cats to have their pets microchipped.

What is pet microchip exactly, and how does it help ensure that your pet can find his way back to you? It's a tiny data chip that holds a unique identifying ID number associated with the pet registry service that issued the chip. A typical pet microchip is so small that be injected with a hypodermic needle, making surgery completely unnecessary. Your pet's microchip resides in a space just below the skin, usually near a shoulder. With luck, you'll never need to make use of it -- but in the meantime, you'll always have the reassurance of knowing that it's there.

These passive devices contain no power source of their own, which means that they can never "run out of juice." Instead, they rely on the energy of radio-frequency signals emitted by an RFID scanner. Such scanners are commonly kept by animal shelter staff, veterinary clinics and other facilities that handle animals. If your pet turns up at one of these locations, a worker will use the scanner for check for a microchip ID signal. The RF chip will transmit its ID number to the scanner's display, enabling the worker to submit the number to the pet registry service. The pet registry service provides the worker with your name and contact information -- and next thing you know, you've got your animal back!

Schedule Pet Microchip Installation at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

One of the biggest advantages of the pet microchip is that it can't get accidentally removed or destroyed during your pet's journey into unknown territory, as a traditional collar tag can. But that doesn't make the RFID chip an outright replacement for a collar tag displaying contact information, vaccination dates and other important data. Most individuals don't have ID scanners, so they're going to look for more ordinary methods of identifying a missing pet who approaches them. Think of a pet microchip as an essential backup device to help animal wellness organizations identify a pet without a collar.

Microchipping for Columbus, OH dogs and cats can be performed during a routine wellness evaluation -- so why not include it in your special friend's next vet visit? Call (614) 239-0027 today to schedule microchipping and other wellness services from Dr. Mike Turley, Dr. Carol Naculich, or Dr. Laurie Kennedy. It just might turn a frightening disappearance into a happy ending!


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