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Ear Infections

Pet Ear Infection Treatment

Just like humans, pets can develop ear infections. For pets, this condition can be especially dangerous because they cannot tell us what is hurting. Pet parents often do not discover their pet has an ear infection until it is severe. At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital serving Columbus, OH we pride ourselves on educating our pet parents on these topics. Continue reading to learn more about pet ear infections and how you can care for your furry friend.


Veterinarian Care for Ear Infections

For most pets, ear infections are caused by yeast or bacteria which has become trapped inside the ear. Just like in humans, this is not necessarily a sign of lack of hygiene. In some cases, ear infections can be a result of ear mites, wax build-up, or even allergies which can cause ear pain.

Your pet must receive veterinary care as soon as possible so that the ear infection does not get too severe. Your veterinarian can assess the situation and determine the best treatment plan for your furry friend. But how can you detect an ear infection to make sure your pet gets the veterinary care they need?

How to Detect an Ear Infection

It is good to keep in mind that certain dogs are predisposed to ear problems. Dogs with long ears are often more susceptible to ear problems. This is due in part to the fact that their ear canals are often covered. This makes the ear an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Pets who have problems with allergies or dogs which swim often are also susceptible to ear infections.

There are certain symptoms you should watch for. Whining and head shaking can be a sign that your pet may have an ear infection. Dogs will also often paw at an ear that is giving them pain. When you begin to examine your dog’s ears, you may notice a smell or even a discharge from the infected ear. You may notice redness, scabs, or crust around the ear.

If your dog seems to have lost hearing or acting as if they cannot balance or walk correctly, you should seek out veterinarian care immediately.

How to Prevent Ear Infections

The best way to prevent ear infections or to spot an ear infection is to incorporate ear exams into your pet’s regular hygiene routine. When you bathe your pet or brush your pet, take a few extra minutes to examine the ears thoroughly. This can help you get a jump on any potential problems.

Call Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

Keeping your pet’s ears clean and free of debris is another way you can help prevent ear infections.

If you would like to learn more about ear infections in pets, and how to help your pet stay healthy, please contact our friendly staff at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital serving Columbus OH. You can call us at (614) 239-0027.


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