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Parasite Testing

Hamilton Road Animal Hospital Offers Parasite Testing

Parasite prevention is an important part of pet care. Animals can pick up a number of different types of parasites from their outdoor activities or from contact with other animals. These parasites can undermine your pet’s health and can lead to poor nutrition and general ill health. At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH, we offer testing and treatment for parasites.


Fleas & Ticks

Both dogs and cats can acquire fleas anytime they venture outdoors. These tiny pests cause intense itching, which can lead to skin infections. In addition, fleas can invade your home, multiplying in your carpeting, upholstery, and bedding. Regular use of flea control products will protect your pet and your home from these invaders. Ticks can also be picked up on walks outdoors. They attach themselves to your pet and can transmit diseases, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other problems. Our Columbus vet can detect fleas and ticks through a visual inspection. 

Intestinal Parasites

Pets can also pick up intestinal worms from contact with infested soil, food, or toys. As the worms multiply in the intestinal tract, they can make pets very sick. Fecal tests can detect the presence of worms in your pet’s intestines.


Heartworms start out as microscopic worms that are transmitted to an animal’s body through the bite of a mosquito. These tiny worms then travel through the bloodstream to the heart and lungs, where they grow and multiply. The worms soon cause serious symptoms in the animal, such as breathing difficulty, chronic cough, and inability to exercise normally. They can eventually cause death. Your vet can test your pet for heartworms with a simple blood test. If the test is negative, the vet can prescribe heartworm prevention medications that will keep your pet free of this life-threatening pest. You can choose between an oral form given monthly, or an injectable form which provides protection for six months.

Make Hamilton Road Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Columbus

Dr. Turley uses his extensive training in veterinary medicine to help his patients in Columbus, OH, and the nearby communities maintain good health at every stage of life. We offer many services for pets, including wellness care, preventative care, dental care, microchipping, senior animal care, and surgery. Call Hamilton Road Animal Hospital today at (614) 239-0027 for an appointment to have your pet tested for parasites and to learn about effective treatments to eliminate these pests.


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