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Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Wellness Care from Our Columbus, OH Veterinarian

If your furry family member is getting older, he or she needs special care for this stage of life.  Our veterinarian team at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH provides expert, compassionate treatment to help your pet enjoy healthier and happier senior years.

dog and cat wellness exams from Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus

Why Senior Pets Need Special Vet Care

Your pet ages much faster than you do. A 15-year old cat is like a 75-year old human. Dogs are considered senior at age seven. Older animals, just like elderly people, have a higher risk of health problems, so they need specialized vet care. 

Older pets' immune systems aren’t as healthy as those of younger animals. As a result, they can't fight off diseases or heal as quickly. Common diseases of older pets include diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and heart, liver and kidney disease. Pets also lose vision and hearing as they get older. These issues require extra attention from the veterinarian.

Senior Pet Exams by Our Columbus Veterinarian

Your senior pet should have checkups twice a year by our Hamilton Road Animal Hospital veterinarian team. Illnesses can be detected early, improving your pet’s outcome and comfort.

At your pet’s senior wellness checkup, our veterinarian does a thorough physical exam, taking a full history of how your pet has been doing, plus complete bloodwork, urinalysis, and fecal check. Other tests such as x-rays may be needed as well.  Teeth cleaning and vaccinations also become even more important for pets as they age.

If your pet is diagnosed with a health problem, our vet provides special diets, medications, supplements, or other treatments.

Preventive Care for Older Pets

We believe prevention is the best way to care for your pet. In addition to twice-yearly checkups and vaccinations:

  • Keep your pet at a healthy weight. Weight gain may cause or aggravate diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.
  • Switch to a senior diet. It can be digested more easily and has less fat, more fiber, and fewer calories.
  • Exercise your pet regularly, boosting cardio health, immunity, and mobility.
  • Reduce stress. Keep a regular routine, including mentally stimulating activities.
  • Make life easier for your pet with adaptations like ramps, orthopedic beds, and raised food and water bowls.
  • Care for pets’ teeth with brushing, cleanings, and dental treats. Removing plaque helps prevent inflammation that spreads harmful bacteria.  
  • Be alert to changes in your pet’s behavior or physical condition. Signs of illness may include: stiff or painful joints, losing/gaining weight, shortness of breath, lost appetite, increased thirst, changes in elimination, lumps, cough, weakness, bad breath, increased drooling, confusion, or anxiety.    

Make an Appointment at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital Today

Our full-service veterinary hospital in Columbus, OH provides quality care for your senior pet.  Give us a call at (614) 239-0027 to book your pet’s checkup with our veterinarian.


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