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Pet Obesity

As a pet owner, you want your pet to eat well and even enjoy extra treats from time to time. Overindulging your pet, however, could lead to pet obesity. Those extra pounds on your cat or dog can cause serious medical issues over time. With regular pet checkups, your Columbus veterinarian at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital can notify you if your pet is gaining too much weight. We’ll also recommend diet or lifestyle changes to improve your pet’s physical health. Here are some basic facts every pet owner should know about pet obesity. 


Dangers of Pet Obesity

The rise in pet obesity over the years has made this issue a growing concern for veterinarians across the country. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately 35 percent of pets in the U.S. are overweight. Pet obesity not only affects your pet’s overall health, it can lower his quality of life.

Excess weight gain can cause numerous medical problems for your pet ranging from joint disease to respiratory issues, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and other health conditions. Pet obesity also increases your pet’s risk of cancer, diabetes, and liver disease. Many of these problems can be prevented by monitoring your pet’s weight and ensuring he gets regular exercise daily. If your pet is overweight, your Columbus veterinarian can provide valuable counsel on restoring his physique and maintaining his long-term wellness.   

Is Your Pet Overweight?

The first step toward improving your pet’s health is recognizing that he or she has a weight problem. Felines and canines come in diverse shapes and sizes, making it difficult to pinpoint one ideal weight level for any particular breed. Your Columbus veterinary specialist can help determine if your pet is overweight by examining the skin over his ribs and taking note of the shape of his waist and underbelly. If your cat or dog is collecting too much fat in these areas, he could be on the road to obesity.

Helping Pets Maintain a Healthy Weight

If your cat or dog has gained excess weight, don’t despair. There are ways to help him lose excess pounds and regain optimal health. Your Columbus veterinarian can recommend dietary changes and an exercise program for your pet to help him accomplish his weight loss goals. A successful weight loss program will require the cooperation of the entire family, so it’s important everyone is on board. Your pet’s health and happiness will be your ultimate reward.

See Your Columbus Veterinarian for Help with Pet Obesity

If your pet is suffering from health problems due to obesity, contact Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus at (614) 239-0027 today for a checkup. We’ll work with you to resolve issues with obesity and restore your pet to optimal health.


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