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Tooth Extractions

Pet Dental Care and Tooth Extractions

Dental care for pets is as important as it is for humans. Some dental issues are difficult to detect especially since our furry friends can’t tell us there is a problem. If you have noticed your pet drooling constantly, pawing at his or her mouth, or your pet’s breath is particularly worse than normal, there might be a dental problem developing. Several serious health issues start as a dental problem and become far worse as time passes. If you live in or around Columbus and you suspect your pet may have a dental problem, bring your pet in for a visit with our team at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital. We provide the dental care your pet needs to stay healthy.


Dental Hygiene for Pets

There are several excellent at-home pet dental products you can use between visits with our veterinarians. We will discuss what products are best based on your pet’s breed, age, and other factors. When it is time for a pet check-up, part of that exam will include dental services. We will inspect your pet’s mouth to look for any issues that may be developing. If a problem is detected, we will discuss what actions are needed to remedy the situation. If we find any broken teeth or infections, then tooth extraction may be required. All of our extractions are performed with the animal under anesthesia for the comfort of the animal and the safety of our staff. No one likes a tooth extraction but often it simply cannot be avoided.

Pet Care After a Tooth Extraction

Following a tooth extraction, one of our veterinarians will prescribe medication to help keep your pet comfortable. Pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication will likely be prescribed depending on how many teeth were extracted. These medications will help reduce the swelling and pain which should subside within the following few weeks. Furthermore, our veterinarian will likely prescribe an antibiotic to reduce the risk of infections. We may need to see your pet again for a follow-up visit in two weeks to monitor the recovery process.

Pet Dental Care & Tooth Extractions in Columbus, OH

At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, our goal is to help every pet that visits us to feel its best. Proper dental care at-home and professional dental care once per year are the best methods of prevention for pet dental problems. Is your cat or dog suffering from a dental issue? Call our animal hospital today at 614-239-0027 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.


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