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Pet Dental Surgery

Hamilton Road Animal Hospital Offers Pet Dental Surgery

Like people, pets can develop tooth problems that interfere with getting proper nutrition and may cause pain. During regular checkups, your veterinarian will do an examination of your pet’s teeth, but a pet owner may also notice a problem and report it to their veterinarian. At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH, we provide surgery for pets with a variety of dental problems.


Signs of A Dental Problem in Pets

You may notice your pet favoring one side of the mouth over the other. Your pet may drool more than usual or may paw at their mouth. Pets often are less likely to want to play with their toys or chew their favorite chew treats. You may notice a strong odor coming from their mouth. Your pet may also seem quieter and less active than usual. These are signs your veterinarian should give your pet a thorough examination of their teeth and gums.

Common Pet Dental Problems

Your pet may have retained baby teeth in their mouth that makes it difficult for the adult teeth to mesh properly. Some pets use their teeth very aggressively on objects, which can lead to broken or worn down teeth or teeth that are prone to decay. If a great deal of tartar accumulates on the teeth, your pet can develop gum disease that leads to loose teeth.

Care After Dental Surgery

Your pet may be a bit groggy after the general anesthetic, so pet owners should allow their pets to rest in a quiet area of the home for a few hours after dental surgery. Your vet will provide detailed instructions on caring for your pet after surgery, including antibiotics that may be needed and pain medications to control discomfort. You may be advised to limit activities for a day or two after surgery and provide only soft foods to allow tissues in the mouth to heal properly.

Make Hamilton Road Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Columbus

Dr. Turley and the staff at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital put their patients in Columbus, OH and surrounding areas first, with compassionate quality veterinary care. We offer many services, including preventative care, wellness exams, surgery, diagnostics, microchipping, as well as heartworm testing and treatment. Call Hamilton Road Animal Hospital today at (614) 239-0027 for an appointment to learn about pet dental surgical techniques that can help your pet have a healthy mouth and enjoy a more comfortable, happy life.


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