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Veterinary Services

Have you adopted a new pet? Let us help you with its care! At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, you benefit from the services of skilled veterinarians for your pet’s care. From wellness exams to emergency vet care, we’ll do our best to keep your pet in great health!

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Services We Offer  

At our facility, we treat all kinds of puppies and kittens, and dogs and cats for all kinds of conditions. Our Columbus veterinarians and team offer the following services for your pet:

Preventative care

Preventative care is essential to your pet’s long-term good health. Preventative care is comprised of services like wellness exams, parasite control, dental care, vaccinations, nutritional counseling, and more to prevent sickness and avert health issues. We recommend scheduling an annual wellness exam for your pet so we can monitor its health and catch medical problems early when they’re easier to treat. Early treatment can help expedite your pet’s recovery.

Nutritional Counseling

Your pet’s diet is essential to its growth and development. A nutritious diet that caters to your pet’s needs will give it a healthy start in life. We can help you select foods that are appropriate for your pet, taking into consideration its age, breed, and size, to promote good health at every stage of its life.  


Vaccinations protect your pet from contagious diseases that can weaken its health or lead to death. Our Columbus veterinarians can help you determine what vaccinations your pet needs and how often to administer booster shots. We will tailor this service to your pet’s lifestyle and healthcare needs.

Dental Care

Our dental care services will help your pet enjoy good oral health. We offer annual dental exams and cleanings as well as treatment of oral issues like tooth infections and gum disease. Pets need healthy teeth for eating, protection, and play. Routine dental care will help keep your pet’s teeth in good health.


Our veterinary team is experienced in performing routine and specialty surgeries to restore your pet’s health. This includes spay & neuter procedures, tooth extractions, growth removal, urinary tract procedures, emergency wound repair, and ophthalmic surgery. 


Microchipping helps identify pets to help them find their way home if they get lost. We offer safe and effective microchipping services for dogs and cats in the Columbus area.  

Pet Euthanasia

When it’s time for pets to leave this earthly world behind, you can contact one of our Columbus veterinarians for painless, compassionate end of life care.

See Our Columbus Area Veterinarian for Quality Pet Care

At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, you can entrust your pet’s care in the hands of our dedicated veterinary team. Contact us at 614-239-0027 for all your pet care needs.


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