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Veterinary Services

At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital, serving Columbus and the surrounding area, we believe that providing quality care should be of utmost importance when it comes to pets. Alongside that, we also believe that a pet hospital should offer a wide range of services to address the diverse health needs of pets. Here are some of the services we offer:  


Spays and Neuters

Spaying or neutering your pet can help address the issue of overcrowding in animal shelters, reduce the risk of reproductive cancers in pets, and mitigate undesirable behaviors exhibited by intact pets. At our veterinary hospital, we strongly encourage our families to have their pets spayed or neutered unless they are breeders, as it is a safe and effective way to address these problems. Additionally, we can perform the procedure right here in our animal hospital.

Wellness Exams

Even when your pet appears healthy, it is still beneficial to bring them in for a wellness exam at our pet hospital. These exams help us detect any underlying problems early so that we can manage or treat them before they progress. During wellness exams, we can also provide guidance on pet nutrition and educate you on preventive measures to ensure your pet's well-being in the future.

Emergency Vet Care

Sometimes, pets may experience urgent medical issues that cannot wait. We want our families to know that we offer emergency veterinary care services. Examples of emergencies include severe bleeding, foreign objects lodged in the pet's eye, bloody vomit, heat stress, and ingestion of poisonous substances or foods.

Sick Visits

We are here to help pets when they are feeling unwell, whether it's due to a virus, bacteria, or other causes. Our first step is to diagnose the problem, which may involve a physical examination and blood tests. Once we identify the cause, we provide appropriate treatment to help your pet recover. Sick visit care also includes attending to injuries resulting from minor or severe accidents.

Chronic Condition Management

Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and others require ongoing management. While some cases of kidney disease may be temporary, we strive to provide the best possible approach to managing these conditions, extending your pet's life, and optimizing their quality of life.

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At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital, we prioritize the health and wellness of your pets just as much as you do. That's why we offer a range of services to assist you and are available during emergencies. We are here for you during the good times as well, providing comprehensive wellness care. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (614) 239-0027.


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