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Pet Nutrition

Dr. Michael E. Turley, and our veterinary clinic, Hamilton Road Animal Hospital, specializes in providing an all-in-one pet healthcare treatment center. This starts by offering a wealth of services related to pet nutrition. Along with helping your pet lose weight, we also work with underweight animals and pets with nutritional deficiencies. Start improving your pet’s health today with more information on pet nutrition services in Columbus, OH. 


About Pet Nutrition

Your pet has unique nutritional needs, which are based on their type, breed, age, and lifestyle. In addition, you have to figure out if your pet suffers from health conditions, such as obesity or heart disease. A nutritional change in your pet’s diet can help manage these conditions and related symptoms. This is where our pet nutrition services can come into play.

How We Provide Pet Nutrition

Our pet nutrition services start with a comprehensive pet exam that includes bloodwork to test for medical conditions, such as liver or kidney problems. We also look at the current diet of your pet. Please bring information such as meal times, amounts, and food types including pet snacks that you give to your pet. This way we can identify areas where nutritional needs are not being met and make appropriate adjustments. 

Our Nutrition Services for Pets

The goal with any of our nutritional services is to give your pet a better quality of life through personalized nutritional care. There are several services we offer for pets that fall under the nutritional services category. This includes help with pet obesity, pet allergies, toxic ingestion, preventative care, and senior pet wellness.

We offer treatments including lifestyle changes, exercise programs, and diet plans for pets with obesity. Also, we supply nutritional guidelines for pets with allergies to help them minimize contact with allergens. Your pet can develop skin allergies that are triggered by different proteins in the food that your pet is eating. We can offer you a new type of food that will cut out that specific allergen.

We can also provide a nutritional plan for reducing inflammation and flareups of pet arthritis. The best way to find out what kind of pet nutrition services are appropriate for your pet is by contacting our Columbus veterinary clinic today.

Find Out More About Personalized Pet Nutrition

Let us help your pet get started with a personalized pet nutrition program today. At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital, our veterinarian and our staff are ready to serve your pet’s health needs. We offer comprehensive pet wellness exams along with treatments to aid in pet obesity. Contact our office today by calling us at (614) 239-0027 to schedule an appointment with our vet Dr. Turley.


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