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Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition Services at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

These days you can find all kinds of media stories that emphasize the link between good nutrition and good health. But this link isn’t just true for humans -- it's also an important aspect of your pet's well-being. Implementing the correct nutritional choices for an animal's individual needs isn't always an easy task. But here at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital, our pet nutrition services can help you help your pet.

Different Nutrition for Different Situations

One size most definitely doesn't fit all where pet nutrition is concerned. On the most basic level, different species have different nutritional requirements and must, therefore, eat different foods. Cats, for instance, need an amino acid called taurine that their own bodies can't make; their carnivorous diet helps them take this substance indirectly. Dogs are somewhat more flexible in their "menu" choices because they can get their essential nutrients from a wider variety of sources. Specific health problems may also require specific dietary adjustments.

As your pet progresses through the various stages of his life, you may need to change his diet accordingly. Puppies and kittens burn a lot of calories, so they need several meals a day in their first months of life. A typical adult dog or cat may enjoy a steady two meals a day for several years. But as your pet grows older and begins to slow down, that level of food intake may become excessive. Obesity is a danger for all pets, but especially for senior pets that live sedentary lives. This condition can lead to everything from joint pain and organ failure to diabetes, hypertension or even cancer.

Our Columbus Veterinarian Can Help Your Pet Eat for Health

Trust our Columbus veterinarian, Dr. Turley, to help your pet eat correctly for life. We can advise you on puppy and kitten nutrition as well as best practices for feeding adult pets. Weighing your pet during his routine wellness exams allows us to watch out for obesity and make any necessary diet and exercise suggestions. As your pet becomes a senior citizen, we can recommend additional dietary and nutritional changes to help optimize his health and comfort. If your pet suffers from an allergy or systemic illness, we can put him on a special diet and/or nutritional supplements to ease his symptoms and optimize his overall wellness level.

Rely on Our Animal Clinic for Pet Nutrition Guidance

Pets love to eat -- and pet owners love to help their pets stay healthy. Get your pet's nutrition safely on track by calling Hamilton Road Animal Hospital at 614-239-0027 and taking advantage of our nutritional services!


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