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Pet Allergies FAQs

Similarly to humans, pets can develop allergies to substances in their environment that cause several uncomfortable symptoms. Whether your pet constantly itches or experiences vomiting and diarrhea, prompt diagnosis and treatment from your “veterinarian near you” is crucial for keeping it happy and healthy. Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH, can help pet patients manage allergy symptoms and prevent future reactions. Learn more about pet allergies and how we can treat them through the following frequently asked questions:

Pet Allergies

What Causes Pet Allergies?

Pets can experience allergic reactions to various substances in their environment and food. Pollen, dust mites, mold, and cigarette smoke are frequent environmental allergens for pets. Some common food allergens include beef, chicken, dairy, and wheat. Pets can also experience allergic reactions from flea bites and items that come in contact with their skin, such as shampoos and cleaning products.

What Are Some Symptoms to Watch Out For?

While humans usually experience respiratory symptoms due to allergies, pets often show allergy symptoms in their skin. Itchiness, inflamed skin, redness, and excessive licking are the most common signs of allergies. Severe allergic reactions may result in hair loss and recurrent skin infections. Some pets experience ear problems like redness, swelling, and discharge, while others have respiratory issues like coughing and wheezing. Food allergies most commonly cause digestive symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea.

How Are Pet Allergies Diagnosed and Treated?

Diagnosing and treating pet allergies involves a collaborative effort between you and our veterinarian. Our veterinarian will conduct a physical exam and discuss your pet’s medical history to determine if allergies caused its symptoms. We may then recommend the following treatments:

•             Dietary changes: We may recommend a hypoallergenic diet to eliminate the problem ingredient from your pet’s diet.

•             Flea control: Regular and effective flea prevention is crucial, especially for pets with flea allergies.

•             Medication: We may recommend allergy specific tablets or allergy specific injections to help control the itching. Antihistamines or corticosteroids may also help manage allergy symptoms like itching and inflammation.

•             Desensitization therapy: We may recommend referral to a veterinary dermatologist. They may do specific allergy testing and recommend allergy immunotherapy to reduce your pet’s sensitivity to specific allergens.

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy With Expert Care From Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

If your pet experiences allergy symptoms that impact its daily life, contact our veterinary team at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH, for an effective treatment plan to manage your pet’s symptoms. Call us and schedule an appointment at (614) 239-0027 to help treat your pets allergies, so it can live a healthy, happy life.


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