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Eye Injuries in Pets

Pet eye injuries can be a pet owner's worst nightmare! While eye injuries are scary, they are treatable with proper care from a trained veterinarian. Our veterinarians at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus are experienced in treating many types of eye injuries. 

Eye Injuries Treated by Veterinarians

Common Eye Injuries & Their Symptoms

One of the most common eye injuries in dogs and cats is a corneal laceration, which is a cut or scratch to the eye's surface. Cats may also experience a cut or tear on their third eyelid. Sometimes, these injuries are small and barely noticeable. Other times, they bleed and cause the animal a great deal of discomfort. Eyelid trauma sometimes accompanies corneal lacerations, as these injuries often happen due to fighting or roughhousing with other animals. Corneal ulcers are also common eye injuries in dogs and cats. These can be caused by the animal making contact with debris (such as dirt or sand), rubbing their eyes, or coming into contact with harmful chemicals. Puncture wounds are not as common as cornea wounds, but they do happen. It's key to treat ocular puncture wounds immediately, as failure to do so can result in loss of eyesight. Proptosis, the condition when an animal's eye pops out of its socket, can be incredibly scary to witness as a pet owner. If your animal experiences proptosis, it's important to get them to a veterinary clinic right away. 

How Our Columbus Veterinarians Can Help

When your pet has an eye injury, it's important to call or see one of our veterinarians as soon as possible. Do not attempt to treat an eye injury at home until you have spoken with a veterinarian about how to properly do so. If the injury is not severe and does not threaten your pet's vision, our veterinarian may recommend that you treat your pet at home until they are able to be seen in the clinic. Your vet may ask you to gently rinse your pet's eye with saline solution (not contact solution). When your pet is seen by the vet, they'll assess the injury, perform tests, and, in some cases, prescribe medication. In severe cases, your pet also may be referred to a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist.

Call Our Veterinary Clinic

If your pet is experiencing an eye problem, it's important that you seek veterinary treatment right away. Our caring staff at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus is experienced in treating these types of injuries and will treat your pet as they would treat their own. Call us to schedule an appointment at (614) 239-0027. We look forward to meeting you and your furry family member.


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