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Pet Seizures

What to Do If Your Pet Has A Seizure

If your pet suddenly falls on the floor, twitches or shakes, and acts distorted, he may be having a seizure. A seizure usually lasts a few seconds up to several minutes, but even a few seconds of this can be pretty scary for any owner, which is why you need to bring your pet to Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus as soon as you can. We offer veterinary services that can help control the symptoms of a seizure.


Signs of A Seizure

The most common indication of a seizure is your pet collapsing on the floor. This problem is followed by jerking, stiffening, and twitching. Your animal may also lose consciousness, vomit, chew uncontrollably, foam at the mouth and have involuntary bowel movements or urinations. If your pet has any of these symptoms, he may be in distress and needs to be seen by a veterinarian for medical attention.


Seizures are sometimes an inherited trait. The exact cause may be unknown, but often it is connected to other conditions. Liver disease, kidney failure, tumors, and brain trauma are just a few health issues that can cause your pet to have a seizure.

What to Do

When your animal has a seizure, it is critical to make sure that he does not get hurt in the process. Don't let him near stairs or anywhere else a fall could happen. Try to make him as comfortable as possible until the seizure passes. Hold your pet gently, and rest his head on a cushion. There isn't anything you can do to make the seizure lessen. It must run its course, which could be a short time. However, you need to keep track of how long the seizures last. If the seizure is more than two or three minutes, it is critical to get your pet to our veterinarian as soon as possible.

What Our Veterinarian Will Do

Our veterinarian in Columbus will perform a complete physical examination and may do some lab work to see if any other issues are causing the problem. We may prescribe anticonvulsant medications to help control the seizures.

Don't Wait Another Minute to Call Us for Help

Call Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus if you think your pet is having a seizure. We can examine your pet in detail and give treatment as needed. If the seizures happen every few minutes or last longer than a couple of minutes, it is urgent to get him veterinary care promptly. The number to reach us is (614) 239-0027.


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