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Pet Seizures

Care for Pet Seizures at Our Columbus Veterinary Center

When your pet suddenly displays the telltale signs of a seizure, you may be so shocked and frightened that you don't know what to do about the situation. That's when you need to turn to Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH. Our emergency vet services include prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment of seizures and other neurological events so your pet can return to a normal life and you can stop worrying about their well-being.

Cat getting checked after a Seizure.

Causes and Symptoms of Pet Seizures

Many pets suffer one or more seizures over the course of a lifetime with no known cause or explanation. These one-off events generally do no harm and pose no long-term concerns, although they may be alarming to observe. Certain pets may be naturally predisposed to epilepsy, including breeds such as German shepherd dogs and cocker spaniels. (Cats and dogs alike can suffer from seizure disorders.) Seizures may also be associated with specific health crises such as heat stroke or poisoning. Some underlying health issues such as diabetes may also make a pet prone to seizures.

An impending seizure may present you with warning signals, usually behavioral changes such as confusion or agitation. The seizure itself may cause paralysis, muscle spasms, "swimming" motions in the legs, and incontinence.

While a single seizure event may not count as an emergency, a rapid-fire series of seizures or a seizure lasting more than five minutes necessitates immediate emergency vet care. These events are called status epilepticus, and they can prove either fatal or permanently debilitating to your pet.

Evaluation and Treatment from Our Veterinarian

It's never a bad idea to bring your pet in for an evaluation at Hamilton Road Animal hospital after a seizure, even if your pet seems fine now. Dr. Turley and our staff veterinarians may discover an underlying condition such as diabetes that needs to be addressed. We can also diagnose and treat poison ingestion or other dangerous seizure triggers. If your pet is suffering from status epilepticus, we can administer drugs to arrest the seizure(s) and then monitor their condition until they are out of danger. Epileptic pets may then benefit from ongoing preventative dosages of anti-convulsive drugs to help minimize episodes of future seizures.

Don't Panic -- Call Our Columbus Animal Hospital Today

If your pet has a seizure, don't panic -- because Hamilton Road Animal Hospital is ready to help. Simply keep our contact information handy and make the call to our Columbus animal hospital at (614) 239-0027. We will tell you how to respond and prepare our facility for your pet's arrival and treatment. 


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